Types of Wedding

8860193239_4916581855_zA wedding is not only a union of two people; it is a union of two hearts. It has been said that love is what makes us human, that without it we would only be intelligent animals. What, therefore, can be greater than a promise to love forever? Marriage is the greatest of all commitments as it involves committing your life to someone. Through weddings, our species is given a chance to multiply. Perfect wedding takes a lot of time, energy and depends on many factors. Most important of them are ceremony, menu and the possibility to hire the best local wedding photographer. The last one will help to remember this special day for a long time, that is why very important to work just with professional teams, this is the example of perfect quality and creativity https://www.pinterest.com/explore/creative-wedding-photography/.

While many people fancy weddings, few know the different types of wedding that exist. Several types of weddings exist in the world.

In the most general sense, there are two types of weddings: civil and religious weddings. Civil weddings refer to weddings presided over by a civil authority. This wedding may take place anywhere licensed to hold weddings. The presiding official is mostly a judge. In civil weddings, references to God may not be made.

Religious weddings, on the other hand, are weddings that take place in religious buildings licensed to hold weddings. The presiding official is mostly a priest. In this type of wedding, references to God or a deity are made.

Far from this general classification, many other types of weddings exist. They include:
1) Destination weddings: these are types of weddings where invited guest have to travel and spend a couple of days at the wedding. Destination weddings are vacation styled, and they take place in prestigious places such as stately homes.

2) Mass weddings: these are weddings where many couples are married simultaneously. They are not very popular nowadays.

3) Double weddings: in these weddings, two couples are married either simultaneously or in two consecutive weddings. Double marriages are mostly planned by the couples getting married.

4) Shot gun weddings: shot gun wedding are weddings where the groom is not willing to marry the bride but goes on to marry her due to pressure mostly from the bride’s parents. This situation mostly arises where the bride gets pregnant before marriage and against the grooms wishes.

5) Military weddings: these are weddings conducted in military chapels, with the bride and groom dressed in military uniform.

6) Elopement: many people define elopement as “the wedding without guests”. The couple may have planned to elope, and they may invite a few guests before eloping.14505718921_af501d99dd_z

7) Same sex weddings: these are weddings where the bride and the groom are of the same sex. Same sex weddings were anciently regarded as sin. They were legalized in some countries in the 21st century. Research shows there are organizations that allow same sex weddings in countries whose governments do not.

8) Weekend wedding: a weekend wedding is a wedding where the wedding celebrations last for a weekend. Several activities are incorporated in the celebrations.

Other types of weddings include:
• White weddings
• Peasant weddings
• Dutch weddings
• Jewish weddings
There are also various themes that may be used in weddings. They are meant to add color to the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony is a great invention by mankind; it is a ceremony that binds us together in love and happiness.